Let the garden lights illuminate our lives

Light has accompanied humans through the long night for thousands of years

Today, lighting has gradually entered the field of environmental art

Become an important factor in creating, embellishing and enriching the environment

Garden lighting can be said to be the highlight of the entire garden design

Lighting design is the means to reflect the soul of design

At night, if the garden wants to become practical and beautiful, it must be inseparable from scientific and reasonable lighting planning and design.

The fundamental purpose of lighting design is to meet people’s visual, physiological and aesthetic psychological needs, so that the lighting space maximally reflects the practical value and aesthetic value, and achieve the unity of the use function and aesthetic function.

Perfect lighting can enrich the content of the courtyard space. Through the contrast of light and dark, it highlights the key landscape to be expressed in a background with low ambient brightness and attracts people’s attention.
In addition, it can decorate the courtyard space art. The decorative function of the garden lighting design can embellish or strengthen the space through the shape texture of the lamp itself and the arrangement and combination of the lamp.

You should think of these points when you set up the lamp

Light should be fine, not much, too much light will make the work process become chaotic, difficult to operate.

There are layers of distribution scene light and dark, lighting to reflect the light and dark distribution of the scene, to have layers, must not treat all lights.

Use the “exclusion” and “inclusion” of light to determine whether the light plays a lighting or projection role on an object.

From the theme to the local, from simple to complex, different occasions under the lighting lights are not the same.

Lighting design doesn’t have to be complicated,

It should be simple yet elegant,

Neat, harmonious, relatively simple,

You can harvest the beauty of unity.