Let’s talk about the essential tool for growing flowers — The pot

The gardener’s choice and use of flower POTS at different stages in the planting process also truly reflects the gardener’s growth experience. When we were gardeners, the need for flower POTS was simply practical. We use small black squares for sowing and small POTS for planting. When the seedlings grow up, they can be replaced with larger POTS. At this stage, the most important thing is that the plant can grow healthily and successfully bloom, and it does not care whether the pot is beautiful, and the most used is an economical plastic pot. For example, the most common green global gallon basin, I believe that until a few years later, many flower friends still accumulate a lot of it at home?

With the accumulation of planting experience, the gardener’s aesthetic will gradually improve, no longer satisfied with just feeding plants, but hope that the garden is more and more beautiful. Gardeners began to pay attention to the overall matching effect of the garden, such as: how to match different plants, different colors, and various POTS. How to achieve the perfect match of the garden, this process needs long-term study and practice of the gardener. At this time, the gardener’s choice of flower POTS is not only satisfied with economic and practical, but also has high hopes for planting plant POTS, hoping that a suitable pot can set off the beauty of plants just right.

Plastic flowers are the POTS I’ve used the most over the years. Plastic flower pot production process is simple, can be processed into different colors, sizes, shapes, to meet the needs of different users. Plastic flower POTS differ in price and quality due to different materials, ordinary plastic flower POTS without adding resin materials have low prices and general quality. This type of pot is believed to be used by every flower friend in his gardening career, such as the small square cup we use for sowing, the small round pot for planting, the gallon pot, etc., there are various sizes available for us to choose from, which can meet the needs of different growth periods of plants from planting to flowering stage. This kind of plastic pot is not a problem for daily pot use, but it can not stand the sun and rain, and it will automatically break after a long time. Plastic flower POTS with environmentally friendly resin materials are slightly more expensive and better quality. After adding environmentally friendly resin materials, the flower pot is more durable, harder in texture, and easy to make into a variety of beautiful shapes. The cost of this kind of flower pot is much higher, so the price is slightly more expensive.

Ever since they stepped into the garden, gardeners have been inseparable from the company of flower POTS. What pot should I use for different plants? Should be suitable for the growth of plants, but also bring out the beauty of plants? This question is the daily work of the gardener, and I believe that every hardworking gardener can find the right answer.