How to set a mouse trap?

How to set a mouse trap to catch mice more quickly and easily?

1. Choose the size of the mouse clip according to the body type of the dominant local mouse species. If the local dominant rat species is larger, you should choose a large rat clip.

2. When laying the mousetrap, it should be placed beside the rat road, the side of the rat hole, the place where the rats often drink water for food, and the indoor along the wall, dark and hidden places.

3. The number of mouse clips should be enough. The higher the density of rats, the more mouse clips need to be placed. Generally, two to three are needed.

4. Generally, a large number of surprises should be deployed in a short time. It is not advisable to just lay a few of them for a long time. 5. The bait used should be fresh.

6. If necessary, put bait for a few days, and then put the mousetrap.

7. For rat traps that have captured rodents, you need to use boiling water to remove the “odor” before they can be used again.

When placing it as close as possible to the wall, pay attention to the location, it must be the only way for the mouse to increase the rate of rat catching. You can properly mix some delicious bait. It is best to use a ratchet made of iron after catching the fire and then use it, otherwise it will affect the future effect of catching rats.

K trap plastic tray rat glue trap

Precautions of set a mouse trap:

Mousetraps should be placed in inaccessible places such as children, livestock, pets, etc., so as not to cause accidental injuries. This is the most basic knowledge of rattrapping, and everyone knows it. In addition, there are some details that are easily overlooked by people: the mouse clip should not be placed near the power line to prevent the mouse from cutting off the wire and triggering an accidental electric shock when the mouse triggers the organ, or causing the wire to short-circuit and catch fire; the mouse clip cannot be placed in a flammable Near explosive items, because some of the mouse clips will trigger ejection when they are in the trigger mechanism. Once hit on flammable and explosive items, it may cause burning or explosion; the mouse clip cannot be placed on the network cable, telephone line, or wire , TV lines, gas pipelines, and other line pipelines, can not be placed next to valuables that are easy to be bitten by rat teeth, because some mice have a temperament burst, once clamped, if they ca n’t break free, they are likely to bite around and touch Items.

Once the small mouse is caught by the clip, it can’t move, and it is basically caught by the head or stomach, and it is difficult to die; while some large mice often only have a tail or one leg. These Shuoshu is likely to flee by dragging the clip. Therefore, in order to prevent the mouse from catching and even losing the clip, it is best to tie the clip tightly with an iron wire and then tie it to an object that the mouse cannot drag. Be careful not to use ordinary hemp rope or plastic rope, or use very thin copper wire. The mouse is very clever and can find the rope attached to the clip and bite. Ordinary rope thin wire is easy to be Bite off.

When the mousetrap catches a mouse once, the clip will carry a unique smell of the mouse, and the mouse will avoid the mousetrap when it smells this smell. Therefore, in order to successfully catch the mouse again, the clip must be removed. Mouse smell. You can put the mousetrap in a strong flame and burn it for two or three minutes, or you can bury it with charcoal fire for about one minute, and scrub with alcohol or vinegar. After scrubbing with vinegar, you must clean it with clean water, otherwise it will easily rust.

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To catch rats with a mousetrap, you must be patient, not afraid of trouble, and have the spirit to shoot a shot for a different place. Once the mouse is clamped, it will make a painful hiss, this sound will warn other surrounding mice not to be fooled in the future. Mice are very clever. Once a mouse becomes fooled, other mice around will rarely be fooled in the same way. Therefore, once the rodent catch is successful in one place, it is necessary to quickly transfer the position, and then there is little hope of holding on to this place. In addition, if the gopher is rampant, it also needs to insist on catching the mouse, and you can also change the style of the mouse clip to set the trap, which can improve the success rate.

If no one interferes, the mouse will move back and forth between the mouse nest and the foraging ground according to a fixed path. Once the mouse finds that someone is aware of its whereabouts and tries to catch it, it will change the course of the activity. Therefore, we should not stick to the routine to place the clips only on the regular activities of the rats, but also put a lot of mouse clips near the mouse nests and their activities and activities, so as to successfully capture the cunning mice.

If you are sure that it will not harm wild animals and livestock, you can put a rat poison and a mouse clip to kill the rat. The effect is better.

After catching the mouse several times in the same place, the cunning mouse will often realize the power of the mousetrap and actively avoid the mousetrap, even if there is bait, it is difficult to guide them. Therefore, after arranging the mouse clip in the place where the rat is rampant, it is best to cover the mouse clip with thin materials such as opaque tissue or plastic film, so that the mouse cannot see the mouse clip, and throw the bait on the plastic film, etc. , Which can increase the success rate of catching mice.

If the rats have been hunted many times in a row and the mice are not cunning, they can do some work on the bait or the kitchen garbage. Place a large amount of bait accompanied by hot pepper powder in the mouse activity area. Sprinkle all the food you can eat with pepper powder. Sprinkle the pepper powder on the road that the mouse must go through. It is best to use devil pepper or the like. Chili powder, then put some water around, arrange a large number of rat traps, once the mouse eats the chili, the spicy can’t stand it, it must find water to drink, it is more uncomfortable after drinking the water, some chili powder stained the belly and other places will also make the mouse Hot and painful, so that the mice will go crazy, chasing everywhere, the chance of unsuccessful catching is greatly increased.

To lure, install bait and lay it on the area where rats often move, or on the road. Disadvantages, one-time, difficult to reuse. This method is not applicable to large areas or high density of rodent pests. Rat-sticking method. Selected, high viscosity, good strength. Press, so that the rat has no other place to eat. To fix, use glue to fix the sticky mouse board. Lay the cloth on the place where the mouse must go. This method is not applicable to large areas or high density of rodent pests. Mouse repellent to kill rats. Observe the Rat Road: Observe the traffic location of the rat. Arrangement: Apply rodent repellent to the above position. Monitoring: regular observation. This method is not applicable to large areas or high density of rodent pests. Rat clips are one-time rodent control and difficult to reuse. This method is not applicable to large areas or high density of rodent pests. Squirrel cages kill rodents.

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